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Gregor Ljubich 04-06-2004 04:12 PM

Programmatically select Bluetooth device
We are looking for a solution that would allow us to
integrate Bluetooth functions into our applications.
We are using Intermec terminals running on Pocket PC 2003
platform. Terminals have integrated Bluetooth interface +
drivers. We are also using three other devices upgraded
with Bluetooth RS232 adapters. We have already developed
all our applications that communicate with those devices.
The problem we are having is that we are unable to switch
between the devices automatically. We would like to
programmatically select the device we are communicating
with. As Serial Port Profile (SPP) is used, the Bluetooth
Manager is shown every time we open COM port and the end
user has to manually select the device. This is
unacceptable. What we need is some method (using API
functions or an SDK), where we could select the device
from our application code with no user intervention. This
could be accomplished by either selecting which device is
targeted by predefined COM port, or by assigning each
device its own incoming and outgoing port pairs. We do
know the Bluetooth address and service name beforehand,
so no discovery is needed.

Thanks, Grega

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