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mobiledev2000 10-25-2003 09:52 PM

MultiuLineInput & MultichkBoc controls

Anybody help with this. I am trying to use the MultiLineInputControl and the
MobileCheckBox controls (from Microsoft but unsupported by them) on the same
mobile web page., this requires a few lines adding to the web.config file in
project. The lines being:

cookielessDataDictionaryType="System.Web.Mobile.Co okielessData">

<device name="MMITTextInputHtmlDeviceAdapter"

<control name="MMIT_Sample.MultiLineInput,MLIC"
adapter="MMIT_Sample.HtmlMultiLineInputAdapter,MLI C" />


<device name="MobileCheckboxHtmlDeviceAdapter"

<control name="MobileCheckbox.Checkbox,MobileCheckbox"
adapter="MobileCheckbox.HtmlCheckboxAdapter,Mobile Checkbox" />


<device name="MobileCheckboxWmlDeviceAdapter"

<control name="MobileCheckbox.Checkbox,MobileCheckbox"
adapter="MobileCheckbox.WmlCheckboxAdapter,MobileC heckbox" />


<device name="MobileCheckboxChtmlDeviceAdapter"

<control name="MobileCheckbox.Checkbox,MobileCheckbox"
adapter="MobileCheckbox.ChtmlCheckboxAdapter,Mobil eCheckbox" />



The first device refers to the MultiLineInput Control and the rest to the
CheckboxControl. Problem is when I view an aspx page with both controls on
it only shows one of the controls (the first one in the list under
mobileControls as shown above). Does anybody know how I can change the
web.config code to display both controls?


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