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Sergey Polyakov 05-24-2004 05:37 PM

The Register directive for the referenced assembly
Hello everybody!

I am authoring my custom webcontrol and faced a very difficult problem. I
have two assemblies: the first one contains some base classes and the second
one contains a class which
1) Inherits a class from the first assembly
2) Contains references to the first assembly's class instances.

When I drop the control from the second assembly onto a form, it adds
references for both assemblies to the project, but it creates only one
Register directive (which defines the TagPrefix) in the aspx code. At design
time the control is displayed fine, but at run-time it throws an exception.

To solve the problem one should manually add the Register directive for the
base assembly.

Does anybody know what should I do to that the Register directives for both
assemblies were created automatically when one drops the control onto a

Any help is appreciated

Thank you in advance!

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