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pete-q 09-25-2011 07:17 AM

Re: DBMSs internally supporting XML ...
lbrt chx _ gemale wrote:

> I would bet they are ;-) In fact semi-structured data represented as
> well-formed XML files can be imported as a fully accesible table-like
> data structure

Of course, and programmers have been able to access for instance Excel
XLS files through ODBC for about 20 years. Read and write it like any DB
That XLS storage is still clumsy and unreliable. No unique Index fields
nor Indexes to speed the access etc.

Yet, if the speed is OK and Database accessing functionality is
adequate, why not just use XLS file or textual XML file as your main
storage. And access those files with the easiest available tool you have
in your possession.

> I would go as far as saying that the thinking behind those
> APIs I find extremely naive. Memory management and accesibility
> should have been left to the OS and DBMSs

If you already know how to solve all the XML file accessing questions
and tasks simply by using your DBMS engine, then why just not use it?
What was the original question and problem again?

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