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JSreeniv 07-29-2011 02:29 AM

Regarding to the DUT configuration in testbench

I was exploring the DUT connectivity with my testbench(TB). What i am
doing: With my encrypted DUT i wrote a TB (for reception) MIL 1553 FE
by configuring the register to the mode as RT and start sending the
command and number of data on 1553_rx lines (where the command and
data are Valid) w.r.t the standard and after some response time the
transmitter will send a status word followed by data word on 1553_tx
The actual query is that can i configure one DUT as BC mode and again
same DUT as RT mode (Here we can change DUT names while configuring in
ModelSim) so that my TB can handle the communication between BC and RT

Since i have only RT terminal register set i can access whatever i
want, but i don't have register set for BC but mode setting facility
is available for the register.

Could anyone suggest me whether this is possible or not and some more


sri.cvcblr 08-04-2011 05:22 AM

I am not sure I understood your requirement fully. But in short - you want your TB to be talking to one set of "interface" for a while and within the same simulation, talk to a different set. Ideally this is what SystemVerilog's virtual interface can provide you. In case you want to hand-code it, you will need to do "pin-muxing" yourself. Not hard, but requires clear TB architecture.


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