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jenifer mark 06-28-2011 06:07 PM

Tips for Oily skin

Oily skin care involves three steps:
* cleansing
* moisturizing
* nourishing
Oily skin cleansers need to remove excess oil, but not to strip the
skin bare from its natural protection. Alcohol is much too harsh and
will only create sensitivity in the long run, so watch out for it on
the product label.
Oily skin care second step is moisturizing. Apart from oil, our skin
contains water, which is very important to all the skin functions.
Oily skin can, and very often is, dehydrated. That means lacking water
and the first signs of dehydrated skin are very fine lines, that
become wrinkles.
Oily skin moisturizers are specially formulated to not clog pores.
There are also specialty creams for oily skin that deal with removing
black heads and preventing blackheads from forming again.
Oily skin care third step is nourishing. This is usually the role of
the night cream. Even oily skin needs antiaging products, which are
used at night.Eye creams are used at night or in the morning.
Masks are very beneficial and can be a part of the oily skin
solutions.Masks for oily skin can be used once to three times a week.
Oily skin masks will balance excessively oily skin and assist in
removing blackheads.

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