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Skybuck Flying 06-17-2011 10:10 AM

Windows 7 didn't shutdown properly.
Last night I was so tired... I didn't wait for the shutdown to complete...
windows 7 said it would install 3 updates.

I was like fok it not gonna wait for this I am going to sleep.

This morning I wake up go to living room...

Surprise Surprise... computer is still running... screen is dead...

All that energy wasted all night...

I'm thinking the system hang... I do control-alt-delete...

Surprise Surprise...

Windows 7 login/task manager screen appears.

I choose cancel and are brought directly to desktop.

I check temperatures...

Surprise Surprise CPU 35 degrees !! Normally only 31 degrees !

Apperently the black screen was causing higher temperatures then absolutely

After a few minutes CPU degrees back to a more normal 31 degrees.

I check event viewer...

It might have to do something with Microsoft's Customer Experience trying to
report back to Microsoft and failed for some reason.

It could also have to do something with some kind S AMD driver. ?

But most likely it's the custom experience thing that somehow prevented a
proper shutdown.

Not happy about it.. it's wait to dangerous to let computer run at night
without supervision... me not happy about it.


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