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Tony 05-11-2011 05:29 PM

Re: Hello. . .
On May 11, 6:25*pm, Carlos <> wrote:
> Tony,
> My laptop has a 4250 onboard video and quite complaint about it.
> I am not a gamer but it has enough muscle to play 1280x720 videos
> without a hitch.
> What part of the performance are you unhappy with?
> Carlos
> On May 11, 12:48*pm, Tony <> wrote:

Ah, it's more or less everything that would benefit from acceleration.
You may not know it, but there is something called
ReallySlickScreensavers that are OpenGL and they do run. . .well, lets
just say O.K. but it seems there is not a drop of performance left in
the display system.

As I said, I am not experienced with the ATI's but for the longest of
time I was looking for the button that would enable acceleration.
Everything that moves seems to be dragging it's feet.

Tony. . .

P.S. - I even re-installed from scratch once to make sure I didn't
forget anything at first. Something quite different. The fuzzy pebbles
wallpaper, does that still exist?

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