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Gregory Ewing 04-30-2011 08:26 AM

ANN: Sixth Pyggy Awards
Registrations are now open for the Sixth Pyggy Awards. Judging will be from
17-31 July 2011.

This time, entry is open to any Python-based game, not just PyWeek games, and
not just games developed during PyWeek or Pyggy. So if you've had a Python game
project on the back burner, you no longer have any excuse for not finishing it
off! Get going!

About the Pyggy Awards

The Pyggy Awards is an occasion for game authors to show off games written in
the Python programming language. Originally a follow-up event to the PyWeek
competition, the Pyggy Awards is now open to any and all open-source
Python-based games.

The Pyggy Awards site provides a place to upload files and a forum for authors
to try out and discuss each other's works in progress prior to the judging
period. The intention is to foster a game development community where authors
help each other out with playtesting and criticism.

For more information, see the Pyggy Awards web site:


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