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Jon17 04-14-2011 08:50 PM

HELP !!!
Basically, i have two user accounts on my laptop, one called lilliput which was the first one and has most of the programs installed on that user, the second user called JCCJ. I was on lilliput and i got a trogan virus, the anti virus stopped it and said it was stored at a location, for some reason i deleted all the file folder the virus was in, this file was a temp file.

After that i had to de frag my hardrive and then restore windows from a restore point it created for me when i deleted that temp file. After i done all of that the JCCJ user works alrgiht, apart from i can't see any programs installed on my computer, and a error message keeps popping up when i log on the user saying mapi.log can't initailize. The first account is a bit more worse, it has no desktop picture being displayied, whilst on the other user it does. I can't access any of my programs as well and when go start>computer> and you can see the user and documents and so on i just get a thing called BOOTSECT.BAK . Whilst on the JCCJ i can see what is on my harddrives and access them but their icons are slightly transperant.

Any help on to solve the damage i done, i be great thankful

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