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switchvaishak 04-06-2011 05:20 AM

Voip Switch + Dedicated server for Rent & Sales by
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Voip Switch + Dedicated server for Rent & Sales by

VPS system contains main system with
Softswitch with management interface
Portal (endusers interface)
Web admin interface (VSC)
VOIP Tunnel
24/7 Support to help the customers
Free initial training and configuration.

Additional modules
Callback module - SMS, ANI, PIN, DID, WEB
IP IVR (Calling cards) module
Resellers module
Callshop module
OnlineShop module

You will be able to do the following things with the system :

Whole VOIP Service
Retail VOIP Service.
VPN Tunnel to bypass ISP restrictions.
Calling card Service with PIN and Caller ID
Call back service with PIN, ANI, SMS or WEB call back.
Upto 3 level Reseller system
Callshop system with booths
IVR system to announce balance, voicemail etc.
Payment system like Paypal, Credit cards etc.
Customer Web site
Administrator Web site
Reseller Web site.
Route Provider Web site (New!!!!!!)
Protocol Conversion.
SMS traffic handling.
Vonage type home phone service expandability.
Iphone, Nokia, Android and Windows Mobile Dialer Expandability.
IP PBX Expandability.

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Website :

Yahoo :
Gmail :

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