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BadAtVHDL 03-10-2011 11:14 PM

HDL Designer Library Troubles
I'm in the middle of building a serial transmitter and was just about to get to running my testbench in QuestaSim when suddenly my ieee library decided it was no longer going to exist.

The problem is that the library does exist, the files can be read, the mapping is correct, and everything looks the way it should. I've tried deleting my work folders, remaking components from scratch, changing projects, etc. Nothing works. Any ideas?

For reference:
Every time I try to open anything with QuestaSim, not just the testbench, it gives me the following errors.

** Error: (vcom-11) Could not find ieee.numeric_unsigned.
** Error: I:/lambda/UART/uart_lib/hdl/tcontroller_fsm.vhd(12): (vcom-1195) Cannot find expanded name "ieee.numeric_unsigned".
** Error: I:/lambda/UART/uart_lib/hdl/tcontroller_fsm.vhd(12): Unknown expanded name.
** Error: I:/lambda/UART/uart_lib/hdl/tcontroller_fsm.vhd(14): VHDL Compiler exiting

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