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Azteka77 03-08-2011 05:45 PM

How to clear a char variable

Do you know how can I clear a Char Variable?
I'm using label var to receive a SerNum from a Barcode reader, then I use strcat to apend this value to another var that later I use to log the result for a Test as follows.

char barcode[15];
char label[15];
char ImageBarcode[23] = {"ImageBarcode:"};
read_barcode2(bar_label_path, 11);

Then using fopen, I create a TXT file with some data, using fputs.
at first run all is Ok but at 2nd time, the line for imagebarcode showed something like this::sheep

ImageBarcode:C123S025 (1st time)

ImageBarcode:C123S025C123R137 (2nd time)

I tried to clear my var using this
ImageBarcode = "";
ImageBarcode[23] = "";
ImageBarcode = "\0";

And nothing :bawling:, I got an error like invalid conversion char * to const char *.

Any Idea?


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