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Victor 03-02-2011 06:08 PM

RIS Consultant needed in Minneapolis for 3 month contract
Partners, Need your help

Location: Eden Prairie

Start: ASAP

Need rate under $80--90 per hour to us all inclusive

Duration: 3 months, contract

H1B’s ok: Yes

Out of state Consultants Considered: Yes


Looking for a RIS Consultant to start as soon as possible for a 3
month engagement to work on integrated testing and defect resolution
related to an upcoming Epic “go live” this summer (july).

We’re currently in the 4th of 5 rounds of integrated testing and will
be engaged in this for the next two months, possibly longer. After
that, we’ll move into activation planning, cutover planning, and go
live support.

The ideal candidate would be someone with in depth knowledge of our
current version of the RIS (Centricity RIS-IC Imagecast v 10.5),
ConnectR, and all interfaces associated with the RIS including those
with Epic, Powerscribe, Merge PACS, Carestream PACS, etc.


Centricity RIS V 10.5 (which is 2 levels from most current)
HL7 Experience
Intergrated testing experience
Defect Resolution Experience
ConnectR Experience
Although being familiar with the specific inbound and outbound
interfaces for those apps would be ideal, experience with other
analogous vendors would be applicable as well. Experience with an
Epic/RIS implementation would be a big plus.

Statement of Work for analyst working FADE tasks for RIS


understand how to use CxR - how to look up message logs, error logs,
start and stop interfaces

be familiar with the messages and interface IDs being sent to and
from Epic in CxR

be familiar with the standard interface message specifications from
GE i.e which HL7 messages are sent and received

be familiar with standard RIS functions i.e. schedule, schedule off
the order queue, schedule using enter edit, tracking i.e. arrive,
begin, complete, depart, transcribe, result

be familiar with technical workflow of messages to and from Epic

be familiar with the trigger events for each message type

be familiar with the hold rules around each message type

be familiar with the rules for which order queues an order should
land on when sent from Epic

be able to identify an interface message error in CxR

be able to identify a data error in an interface message in CxR

be able to do field level validation of data in the RIS

be familiar with dictionaries in the RIS and how this impacts

be familiar with the Epic integrated test scripts format

be familiar with how to update or change steps in an Epic integrated
test script

be familiar with how to document execution of Epic integrated test

be familiar with the Epic defect log and how to enter and update

be able to clearly document results both expected and unexpected when
logging defects or working with other resources

be able to distinguish between issues needing to be fixed by GE, MIS
team, interface team or Epic teams.

be able to work with resources on other teams to get help to fix
defects or retest for fixed defects

be familiar with how to close the billing cycle in the RIS and CxR

be able to create test data for defined test criteria

recognise existing interfaces to and from Powerscribe, PACS and

understand changes to RIS SCN message from Biztalk rather than PACS
direct point to point due to Epic.

Best Regards
Vivek Sahoo
Systel Inc.
600 Embassy Row NE Ste 200
Atlanta, GA - 30328
678-261-5237 (D)
678-261-5220 x 323
678-623-5938 (F)

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