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Alvin Bruney [MVP] 03-02-2004 06:35 AM

Re: lost session values, not Session
Your post went unanswered. Have you resolved this issue?

Alvin Bruney [ASP.NET MVP]
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"Xis" <> wrote in message
> I have several aspx files, where session do as expected with all pages
> except one of them.
> I'm using Trace in the page (winform1.aspx) that session values are lost.
> Only values are lost not session ID !!
> Attached is the trace for the first time I access the page

> and also the trace for the second time, when I do something else in the

> and session values are lost.
> In line 303 of trace_1.txt you could see the session state:
> entradaNick System.String felix
> ASP.NET_SessionId vsic1n45xiihuf55cmy3mk45
> In The second trace values of session dessappear, but no the session ID,

> remain the same.

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