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Chris 02-16-2011 11:08 PM

ANN: XMLMax version 2.7 Released
XMLMax is a very fast XML viewer, editor, splitter and XPath query
tool that works with any size XML document. The virtual treeview
loads as fast as the XML is parsed(with .NET XmlReader). It is as fast
or faster than virtual text editors, and is compliant with the W3C
XML specification, including handling of entities and namespaces.

The free 30 day trial will load any size XML. Large XML files, even
those several gigabytes in size, yet consumes less than 50Mb of memory
when loaded into the treeview. It initially displays a fully expanded
tree and supports collapse-expand at all levels. A very fast PC can
load a 1 Gb XML file into the treeview in twenty seconds.

Version 2.7 adds a second XPath query mode that does a conventional
XPath query. There is also an indexed XPath query for use with any
size XML file.

A 30 day trial version of XMLMax is available for download without
registration. It was developed in C# for the.NET platform.

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