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harijay 01-25-2011 11:28 PM

Using select.kqueue to monitor garageband transcode completion
I want to automate a series of functions in python that trigger when
the OSX application Garagband finishes writing to a file called

A Typical transcode process takes 20 minutes , and I fancy starting
the python program immediately after I start the transcode and then
walking away.

For the present moment I have a silly implementation that does
something like the code pasted below.

I was looking online for smarter I/O monitoring and I came across the
kqueue classes inside of the select module which could be used to
monitor the kernel events in BSD - so it should work on OSX. However
being a newbie , I cannot understand how to setup the select.kqueue
event to look for garageband closing , i.e finish writing the
transcoded mp3 file.

I did see some code on comp.lang.python about this in a post from
Ritesh Nadhani (pasted below as well). But I dont understand what the
events mean . Looking for help to monitor the file closing using


My Pseudocode for clunky monitoring of file i/o completion:

while True:
today_file = open("todays_recording.mp3","r")
except IOError:
print "File not ready yet..continuing to wait"

Some source code I came across on comp.lang.python ( courtesy Ritesh
Vadvani) related to this

import select26 as select
import os

kq = select.kqueue()
fd ="/tmp/a.txt", os.O_RDONLY)

# I dont understand this line below
ev = [select.kevent(fd, filter=select.KQ_FILTER_VNODE,
flags=select.KQ_EV_ADD | select.KQ_EV_ENABLE | select.KQ_EV_ONESHOT,
fflags=select.KQ_NOTE_WRITE | select.KQ_NOTE_DELETE
| select.KQ_NOTE_EXTEND)]
kq.control(ev, 0, 0)

while True:
evts = kq.control(ev, 1, None)
if len(evts):
print evts
except KeyboardInterrupt:

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