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Adrian B 09-07-2005 10:56 AM

Basic setup - USB WiFi on 2 PCs for Internet Sharing... how??? Help!
Sorry if this has been covered before - I've scanned through this NG and
can't see the answer.

I want to connect 2 PCs together for file sharing, printer sharing and
Internet Conection Sharing..

I have 2 PCs at home:

o XP Home (SP1) with an ADSL modem "dialup" connection.
o WinME

I have bought two Asus USB WiFi (54MBS) adaptors which are installed on each

There is no router...

How should I configure the conection? I've tried various things, but so far
no luck...

The ASUS software seems to want to install a "Soft AP" on the XP "server"
machine. With that configured, the Adhoc/Infrastructure options are greyed
and locked at Infrastructure. On the ME PC, I can find the network and
apparently connect, but there's nothing in Network Places and the Internet
doesn't work.

Can someone give me an Idiot's Guide to setting up a network like this? Or
perhaps point me at a website which will help a WiFi virgin like me.

I'm now thinking I should scrap the Soft AP and use ad-hoc on both machines.
If I do that, can I get ICS to work?

Any help would be greatly appreciated...


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