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Jeff Strickland 12-31-2010 05:32 PM

Re: Printer drivers anyone? IT DOESN'T EXIST

"Robert Baer" <> wrote in message
news:d4mdnbwExvfC8oDQnZ2dnUVZ_qmdnZ2d@posted.local net...
> Jeff Strickland wrote:
>> "Robert Baer" <> wrote in message
>> news:qsqdnctzs-ROdIHQnZ2dnUVZ_vSdnZ2d@posted.localnet...
>>> James D Andrews wrote:
>>>> "Robert Baer" <> wrote in message
>>>> news:4MmdnWYSD4I2bYfQnZ2dnUVZ_h6dnZ2d@posted.local net...
>>>>> I have this Canon BJC4100 that works under Win98SE (after i
>>>>> installed its driver in that OS).
>>>>> All i want is a SIMPLE printer driver, not a twenty terror-byte
>>>>> driver database for every computer ever made since Babbage.
>>>>> HELP??????????????????
>>>> The reason you can't find a Windows 2000 driver for the Canon BJC-4100
>>>> is that it doesn't exist. The most current drivers I've seen for this
>>>> printer is for Windows ME and Windows NT 4.0.
>>>> If you want to try either of them, go to or
>>>> For DriverGuide,you'll have to sort through 6 pages of search results
>>>> to find them (this site's DB search isn't the best, but they usually
>>>> have a large variety).
>>>> For DriversKit, you'll have to scroll down past the "download now"
>>>> driverscans to the super small print for the link. Once you go to the
>>>> download link, you'll have to wait 90 seconds for access to the
>>>> download.
>>>> I felt in a good enough mood to search the following sites for you with
>>>> negative results for your desired driver:
>>>> (just for grins)
>>>> I read a comment somewhere that a driver for this printer is included
>>>> in the Windows XP driver collection on the Installation Disk, so you
>>>> might want to check your own Win2000 Installation disk. I didn't see it
>>>> on my copy of WinXP Home, though, and I doubt you'll find what your
>>>> after since nobody including the manufacturer has it.
>>>> You're probably going to have to break down and find a newer printer
>>>> compatible with the OS you're using. I've collected many over the
>>>> years at Yard/Garage Sales and then went online for the driver. If
>>>> there is a nearby discount, thrift, or Goodwill store you might find
>>>> one there.
>>>> Many brand new printers are cheap. You can usually find one for under
>>>> $50
>>>> HP Officejet 6000 CB051A - $49.99 Free Shipping at
>>>> is compatible with Windows 2000 SP4
>>>> LEXMARK X series X2670 26S0285 - $49.99 + $6.99 shipping at
>>>> is compatible with Windows 2000 5.00.2195 or later
>>>> Printers from Walmart are usually Win XP Home SP 2 and later
>>>> In the future, you might want to consider your tone when asking for
>>>> help. You were kind of hostile toward us and we weren't the ones who
>>>> caused your problems.
>>>> --- news:// - complaints: ---
>>> The WinXP OEM disk had Canon drivers for XP _and_ Win2000.
>>> That theoretically gave me an "independent" and second source.
>>> Same crap result ("striped").

>> The XP disk might have the original driver, but with SP3 (which is as
>> close to being a required upgrade as you can get), odds are very high
>> that the original driver will no longer work.

> Nobody (but you) said i had an XP disk with SP3 as an integral part.
> In fact, the disk clearly states "includes SP2".
> And i used it ONLY to get the drivers.
> I DO NOT use XP, period.
> If there is an emergency situation concerning XP, i load a scratch HD
> for temporary use and when done wipe it.

You ABSOLUTELY do not have a SP3 disc. You install XP, then do upgrades to
SP3. You can load backwards drivers, and they may or may not work, but if
they do work there is no guarantee of reliability and you should not expect
any reliability. If you are using XP and have Automatic Updates on, or if
you check for updates once in a while, then you should be running SP3. If
you do not have automatic updates on, do not check for updates once in a
while, and are not running SP3, then you probably should think about
switching to a Mac because you are flying against the wind blowing across
the PC world. If you are running Win2K, then you are still flying against
the wind with a product that has no support.

I get that you might prefer these old programs, and I like them better too.
But you are also bitching about stuff that you have chosen to stick with as
the world is passing you by. You are driving a Model T and bitching that you
can't buy parts for it anymore. You can drive the Model T if you want, but
you have to know how to make your own parts...

You are running in circles and I can't keep up. You have a printer that does
not work because you can't get a driver for it. There is no driver. If there
was a driver, it would be on the Canon Website. Your printer is so out of
date that they don't even bother to put up a picture of it, which is a clear
sign that they do not support it anymore. Sorry for your trouble.

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