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Steven D'Aprano 12-31-2010 09:16 AM

ANN: stats0.1.2a calculator statistics for Python
I am pleased to announce the third public release of stats for Python.
This is a minor point release, mostly consisting of improved tests and
documentation, plus the addition of six new statistics functions:

midhinge, quartile_skewness, cumulative_sum, running_sum, stderrskewness,

stats is a pure-Python module providing basic statistics functions
similar to those found on scientific calculators. It has over 40
statistics functions, including:

Univariate statistics:
* arithmetic, harmonic, geometric and quadratic means
* median, mode, midrange, trimean
* mean of angular quantities
* running and weighted averages
* quartiles, hinges and quantiles
* variance and standard deviation (sample and population)
* average deviation and median average deviation (MAD)
* skewness and kurtosis
* standard error of the mean

Multivariate statistics:
* Pearson's correlation coefficient
* Q-correlation coefficient
* covariance (sample and population)
* linear regression
* sums Sxx, Syy and Sxy

and others.

This is an unstable alpha release of the software. Feedback and
contributions are welcome.

Steven D'Aprano

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