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Peter 11-19-2010 12:10 PM

Re: need good free web hosting...
In article <>, says...
> is great but not enough web space.
> Any recommendations?

Not going to make any recommendations, but just some minor advice. Had
to do some research on available hosting services recently and trolled
through quite a few, reading up on their positives/negatives and you can
now get unlimited space, and even unlimited bandwidth fairly cheaply
these days and there's not a lot of difference in what you're likely to
be charged.

However, one small caveate is if you plan on requiring a secure hosting
service at some stage. Often you can find that they will even include
this within your package for no extra charge, but bear in mind that
these are shared and will be on a different server so you end up with
your non-https pages on one server and then have to re-direct to the
shared secure server, which is likely to be at a web address nothing
like your domain name, when you want users to access your ssl/https

So, if you prefer all your pages, including secure ones, all at you will be charged extra accordingly.

Just bear that in mind.

Pete Ives
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