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geothermal 11-16-2010 10:08 AM

Windows 7 Pro Issues and Queries
Hi All,

I've had Windows 7 Pro for a few weeks and it is ok so far.

1. I like how quick it starts up, but I am unsure why it starts up to
the multi-user screen and waits when there is only one user. Is there
a way to force it to start up to the desktop instead ?

2. I like the compatibility mode choices for .exe programs. Fine
tuning is good. However, I am trying to use a Windows 3.1 program and
it is a Microsoft product, but Windows 7 keeps asking me if I really
really want to run this unknown program. Can it really not recognize a
MS product ? Can I permanently bypass this warning screen ?

3. I'd like to set up a weekly restore point using Task Manager. Can
it be done ?

Thanks for any help with these and I'll try to help others with their
issues and computer problems...



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