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Mike Easter 11-15-2010 07:26 PM

Re: router
sf wrote:
> I have a Netgear

This is where you name/give the modelno of the netgear router.

> Something happened the other day that required me to call the cable
> company to help reset the modem because normal recycling didn't do it.

When you reset the cable modem by powering it down, I would power down
everything, cable modem, router, computers. Then I would rebuild the
network by powering up the cable modem while watching its lights,
powerup the router and watch its lights, and then powerup a wired
computer and expect it to get a NAT address from the router.

Then I would use the computer to view the router's configuration page
and then the modem's configuration page.

> We fixed that problem, but the router still wasn't working and we all
> know the cable company won't help you if it's not their equipment.

Correct; altho' some helpful cable techs can advise you about
troubleshooting and network building if they have time.

> It has to be the router - I've eliminated the computer, the modem and
> cord connections. My problem is that although all the lights on the
> router indicate it's working and the both the wireless and the desktop
> (which is connected through a port) say they are connected to the
> router/modem and the speed, there seems to be no viable signal... I
> simply can't connect to the internet.

That can happen if you didn't build your network in the correct order as
described above.

> I'm wondering if the place that
> says "restore factory settings" is what I need to use. I don't see
> any other place that could be a possibility to reset it.

Maybe, but first I would do the powerdown powerup in order rebuild.

> Here's something else that's totally weird. The computer is fine. It
> worked yesterday with a friend's wireless router, but it doesn't
> connect to the internet wirelessly or even when connected directly to
> the modem with a cord at my house.

Then how can you say that the modem is all right now?

You have to be able to prove that the modem is all right with a direct
hookup without the router.

> Any help would be appreciated. TIA

First prove that you have a working modem with a computer to modem
connxn because the cableco is responsible for making that system work.

Then after your cable modem will get a directly connected computer onto
the internet, then you install your router and do the correct powerup

Mike Easter

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