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Paulg0 10-15-2010 08:20 PM

Re: Dabbling with dumdumdum.....

"" <0845.86.86.888@GymRatZ.Gym.Equipment> wrote in message
> Shock-horror....
> Now I have a gigglyset at home AND in the shop I was looking forward to
> crystal-clear brilliantly delicious "HDSP" audio.....
> Hmmmmm.... if I dail via I get a connection through but the
> audio is nasty. I suppose it's like listening to FM radio with the bass
> and mid range filtered out and somone frying a full English in the
> kitchen.
> I can hear beloved talking in the background elsewhere in the room
> clearly while little-un is chatting on the phone but the "near"
> acoustics is just horrid. (both ends)
> If I dial via Voipfone of Betamax which I'm guessing don't facillitate
> G722 then all is well and good. Am I missing something I wonder?

Sounds about right compared to my experience.... Don't think it's thats the problem it's just the quality of the speaker in the
DECT handset...


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