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Lawrence D'Oliveiro 10-07-2010 01:48 AM

Dimdows Package Management Takes Another Giant Leap Forward
Not content with introducing ONE Dimdows package management system that
nobody can be bothered using, Microsoft now brings out a SECOND one

What’s the point?

• NuPack is .NET only and developer-focused (integration of libraries
into .NET projects)
• CoApp covers both managed and unmanaged code and is currently focused
on user applications

So NuPack is focused on a subset of what CoApp was trying to achieve? Or
alternatively, CoApp is meant for users, NuPack for developers? So the
system is supposed to have TWO package-management systems installed for
side-by-side use?

• NuPack covers the gap between “install a dev library” and “use it”

Eh? What gap? I thought to “install” something meant to “make it available
for use”. What else there that you have to do before you can “use it”?

• CoApp is more of a big-picture OS-level package management system that
may or may not integrate with and/or include NuPack as a subset at
some point

Aha. I think we’re seeing Conway’s Law in action: “any piece of software
reflects the organizational structure that produced it”. Why wasn’t this
being developed as part of a unified project to begin with, as opposed to
integration being deferred to “may or may not ... at some point”?

Answer: because they’re being developed by rival groups who aren’t
communicating very well.

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