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Ian 09-27-2010 09:14 AM

OCZ Enyo USB 3.0 SSD
Hardware Heaven take a look at a USB 3.0 drive using an SSD unit to hold the data - here's a quote about the OCZ Enyo USB 3.0 SSD:


When we last looked at an OCZ product, the Vertex 2, we awarded it our Gold Award and scored it 9/10 and 10/10 in every aspect. So when we saw that they were one of the first manufacturers to release an SSD based on USB 3.0 technology we were keen to try it out. Today we have that SSD connected to our test bench and will be putting it through a selection of tests, including the all-important real world transfer test to find out how it compares to USB 2.0 based mechanical and flash based devices.
Read the review here.

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