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Lawrence D'Oliveiro 08-13-2010 09:56 AM

The Five States Of FOSS Adoption
From <>:

Denial: that FOSS is already in use
* No recent audits of custom software
* Low awareness of popular FOSS components
* No official company policy for FOSS usage

Anger: over surprise loss of control
* Software in use with no record of adoption
* Management looks to assign accountability
* Developers practice "don't ask, don't tell"

Bargaining: to re-establish existing controls and processes
* Crash program to identify total exposure
* Program put in place to remove existing FOSS
* Lawyers spend hours meeting with development teams

Depression: on realizing the point of no return has been reached
* Realization that extracting open source would bring development to a halt
* Recognition that the effort involved in removing FOSS would be prohibitive

Acceptance: can't fight it, might as well prepare for it
* Implementation of a formal FOSS strategy
* Adjustments to policies and procedures
* An attitude to shift from tolerance to extracting value

This is a company that really seems to get it. And they have a whole bunch
of code accepted into the mainline kernel to prove it.

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