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Ian 07-08-2010 03:27 PM

ASUS ARES 4 GB Video Card
Tech Power Up have a review of the ASUS ARES 4 GB video card, a new release which has been very popular in recent reviews:


Graphics card product designers at ASUS have the good life. When not placing ASUS stickers on reference design graphics cards, the engineers have all the time and resources to develop some of the most audacious and exorbitant graphics cards in the market, asserting the company's position as a market leader. With the ASUS ARES, it's the same. Pairing two AMD Cypress GPUs that carry the same specifications as the Cypress in its single-chip graphics card (Radeon HD 5870), the ASUS ARES aims to eliminate all the constraints GPU vendors come across when designing dual-GPU graphics cards, such as limited thermal and electrical budgets, which often are met by lowering clock-speeds or components inside the GPU.
Read the review here.

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