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EVS 07-03-2010 01:32 PM

FREE SEMINAR on PHP Web Development in Rawalpindi & Lahore, It coversPHP, MySQL, AJAX & Zend Certification

EVS Professional Training Institute
PHP Web Application Developer

Free Seminar on Saturday July 07, 2010 at 08:00 PM in Lahore
Free Seminar on Sunday July 11, 2010 at 04:00 PM in Rawalpindi

Web sites / applications taken immense importance in contemporary
business. It must be aesthetically appealing & perform desired
functionality efficiently. In this course, you gain the knowledge and
practical skills you need to develop a web application. You learn the
fundamentals of HTML syntax, layout and CSS style sheets, creating
effective Web pages, configuring a web server and designing databases
using MySQL, producing dynamic web pages, retrieve and manipulate
data, track user navigation, and integrate database contents using
After this course student will be able to:
Develop interactive Web pages using XHTML, HTML/DHTML & CSS
Create interactive forms that capture and validate user input using
Capture, retrieve and display information via a MySQL database
Effectively use Macromedia Dreamweaver MX for rapid website
Control Java Applets, ActiveX Controls and other plug-ins
Enhance PHP programming skills to successfully build interactive,
data-driven web applications
Design & Implementing commercial level databases for web
Establish, configure and maintain an intranet or Internet Web site
Designing & Using XML Web Services in PHP
Create interactive and rich user interface of the web application
using AJAX.
Deploy, Maintain & Market Web Sites & Web Application
Course Schedule & Duration
43rd Batch in Lahore
Duration 4 Months
Frequency 3 Sessions a week
Start Date July 14, 2010
44th Batch in Rawalpindi
Duration 4 Months
Frequency 3 Sessions a week
Start Date July 19, 2010

Introduction to the Web
Authoring Web Page with HTML and XHTML
Implementing Site Navigation
Adding Graphic Elements
Rapid Development using Dreamweaver MX
Controlling Page Styles and Layout with CSS
Capturing User Input through HTML Forms
Adding Interactivity with JavaScript
Incorporating Multimedia
Adding Interactivity through DHTML
Essentials of Web Application
Installing & Configuring Web Server
Introduction to PHP Programming
Fundamentals of PHP & Web Programming
Differences b/w PHP4 & PHP5
Arrays, Strings & Regular Expressions
Session & Application Management
Object Oriented Programming in PHP
Date, Time & File Manipulation
Installing & Configuring MySQL
Database Designing using MySQL
Standard Query Language (SQL)
Database Programming in PHP
Sending E-mails from Code
Implementing Security in Web Applications
Design Patterns & Best Practices
Developing & Consuming Web Services
Creating Rich Web Interface using AJAX
Web Deployment to Commercial Web Servers
Maintaining & Optimizing Web Applications
Training Methodology
Lectures & Demos by industry experts
Project Driven Hands-On approach
Focus on latest tools, technologies & industry practices
Projects, assignments & quizzes for student s evaluation
Developing a commercial level web application using PHP, MySQL & AJAX.
It should be deployed on a commercial web server.
Graduates of Computer Science and IT
Graduates of any other discipline looking for future in IT
Web Programmers and web designers
Any other person willing to learn web development
EVS: Certified Web Developer
ZCE: Zend Certified Engineer

For further details contact

Lahore Branch

Call: 042-111-685-822 or 300-4102039
Walk: 349 Ferozepure Road, M-Block Gulberg, Lahore
Rawalpindi \ Islamabad Branch

Call: 051-111-685-822 or 300-4102039
Walk: 92, 6th Road Block A, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi

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