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steryd12 07-03-2010 11:51 AM

Creating Buttons - please help
I am quite new to HTML coding, and I have a lot of problems creating my dream site.

<input type=button value="GoGogle1!" onclick="open_win()">
<input type=button value="GoGogle2!" onclick="open_win2()">

(I cant put here the whole code... but I hope you would understand what I mean...)
It should create 2 buttons - each opens two new tabs after clicking on it...

And here are things that I have problems with:

1. when I try putting the code on my website - I dont see buttons - but the text of my code... mayby my site does not support JavaCoding???
But maybe you know some free-of-charge hosting sites???

2. when I click each button - it automatically takes me to the last tab. But I would like that my "focus" stay on the main page (where the buttons are). Is there a way to keep me on my main page after clicking on a button?
I came up wit the idea of an alert box.
<input type="button" onclick="show_alert()" value="Show alert box" />
But I dont know how to make it that way - you click a button and new tabs start to load but at the same time the alert menu pops up - and you have to click OK button - then you stay on the main page... But I dont know how to make 2 actions hapening after clicking one button...???
Just if there is a way to do that without pupups or alerts - it would be great.

3. I use Mozilla. But lately I opened IE. And there my code after clicking on a button - OPENS NEW WINDOWS... I dont like that at all... I would like that the links opened in new tabs, not windows. Can I modify somehow my code to work on IE as it works on Mozilla?

4. If I make 100 url adreses in one button - the buttons does not show up at all... is there a limit of links from one button? If yes - how high it is and how can I omitt it (I would really like to open at least 100 urls=tabs after one click)

5. The truth is I am making this button so that I could click each day my "virtual adoptions" quicker... So I need to open many urls fast - and then close them... So the most wonderful thing would t after clicking on it - opens many new tabs and then close each tab after it finishes loading... Is it even possible to make such button? But latelly I am beginning to believe that anything is possible in HTML...
There is the function: onunload - maybe that is the way to go?
Just I dont know how to make that function to be activated not on my main page but on the new tabs. Any ideas????

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