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Silverstrand 09-28-2005 11:28 PM

Lan Party Map!
"I had a hard time finding good LAN parties in my area. Many of the big LAN party sites that have big lists were so full of weird info and plauged with ads that they weren't really worth visiting. Plus, adding my LAN to the list was often a painful, complex process. There had to be a simpler way.
Google Maps is a very interesting and powerful tool. It has been used for many things, even tracking hurricanes. So, it made the perfect foundation for a tool to find LANs across the country. You can visually see events that are close by, and get an idea of when they are going to happen with the color coded markers. Easy, clean, and following the KISS mantra. Keep It Simple, Stupid!" (Note, US Only)

unholy 09-29-2005 05:57 AM

they better start moving to AU :D

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