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wisdomkiller & pain 06-27-2010 09:53 PM

Re: Unused cables left in router? wrote:

> On Sun, 27 Jun 2010 14:25:23 -0700, Evan Platt
> <evan@*******************************> wrote:
>>On Sun, 27 Jun 2010 17:24:02 -0400, wrote:
>>>I have a Linksys N router. I have my main desktop hooked into it as
>>>well as a cable which runs to a Sony Blu-ray player which networks with
>>>YouTube, Netflix, etc. I was recently using a second computer to find
>>>some old files, so I also hooked it up to the router. Before I put the
>>>old system away and disconnect the cable from the router, I was
>>>wondering (as it's a little difficult to aces my router on top of my
>>>computer hutch) is there any harm in leaving the cable plugged into the
>>>router at one end and the other end going unused until I want to hook
>>>something up to it again? Thanks.

>>No. No problem at all.

> Thanks. Reason I asked was I seem to remember some years ago being told
> if I had an unused cable from TV hanging out there, I needed some kind
> of plug on the end to stop signal loss.

Still remember the old coax cable networks with these T-connectors, and
the "plugs" called "terminations"?
Basically, a tv signal cable is comparable to these.
While a router with attached 4- or 8-port switch and the rj45 cable has
a dedicated circuit for each socket, as well as media detection. You see
most routers or switches do have control leds showing connection and maybe
activity status for each line.
Even if a cable is attached but ending unconnected, the led will be dark
and no signal is sent across that cable thanks to "media sense".

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