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123Jim 06-11-2010 01:58 PM

Re: This is difficult (for me)

>"italo" <> wrote in message
>news:4c123b33$0$30903$ .
>This is a little part of my home page:

>If I use Mozilla Firefox, that type of album with moving pages is displayed
>at >the left side of field #2.
>If I use Internet Explorer (7 or 8), it is displayed at the right side,
> >overlapping the picture in field #3.

>How can I correct this fact? I wish that it have to stay entirely inside
>the field >#2

Your images have width in pixels , but your table cells have width in
percentage .. that might still works as the table cells should expand
The right hand side table cell prevents the table cells in the centre from
expanding to accommodate the images

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