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Doug McIntyre 05-27-2010 03:21 AM

Re: 1911 cisco router
Tom Smith <> writes:
>I got 1911 cisco router.. and unfortunately one of my co worker has configured it without username and password.. he did configure enable password but now on boot up it is asking for username and password .. how can I crack it.. please someone help me.. it is not taking default cisco cisco as username and password.

>I have tried ctr+ break on boot up to enter into rommon> but that did not work :(

Make sure your serial break is working with your terminal program. It
is so broken in so many different ones out there. ctrl+break is only
the keystroke for some version of Hyperterm. Which term program are
you using?

If you are using putty, you need to special command -> break. If you
use kermit, its ^\b.

The cisco/cisco isn't so much a "default" setting, but one specificly
configured in new routers leaving the factory in order to run the
silly EZ-install type crud they keep coming up with. Once that
EZ-install stuff is run, cisco/cisco is gone for good, not to return
unless you manually put it back on there. So, I wouldn't say its a
default, but some process to run once and only once.

You will have to do password recovery on the router, which does
involve the serial break.

Make sure your serial port is working and has a working serial
break. Which term program do you use?

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