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Bucky \BB\ Breeder 05-15-2010 10:29 PM

Re: Anderson Cooper lies...
Lookout <> via news:om7uu51blfipa5e5cr7m24kckmcmk0s19o@

> On Thu, 22 Apr 2010 15:59:40 -0500, "§nühw¤£f" <>
> wrote:
>>...and Americas middle class dies. Pretty much anyway:
>>It's certainly an easy gig. Move your lips like a reporter, wear a
>>black shirt and a $600 bush jacket* in disaster and war porn spots as
>>Anderson Cooper does, and make at least 4 million a year base salary
>>(plus a few hundred thousand more a year in speakers fees for canned
>>talks. Cooper's agency will provide the list). Anderson's* basic
>>message is that the world is a horrific place filled with miserable
>>inferior lives, ridden by want, African machete amputations and the
>>like. The guy in front of the flat screen in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
>>doesn't even have to stop and think to draw the corpo-state approved
>>conclusion Anderson delivers. It's instantaneous into his deep
>>reptilian brain: "Hatians ****ed. Iraqis ****ed. Greeks ****ed. Me
>>live in best place of all."
>>Attractive, serious and sincere looking, and presented as calm and
>>rational against the backdrop of world terror and misery, Anderson is
>>the perfect robotic mouthpiece, easy on the eyes, poised in the
>>"Anderson Cooper suit," (actually, it's Ralph Lauren, the gay
>>aesthetic goes a long way in his business). And most importantly,
>>despite what he's seen first hand, he remains clueless about the
>>world. Bullet proof to reality. Robot. Then again, that's a job
>>qualification in the entertainment business. American news is first
>>and foremost entertainment. If you happen to stumble onto some
>>accidental truth, be assured there will be a correction in the name
>>of Republican sponsored "fairness and balance in media."
>>3A_we%27re_heading_to_a_slave_labor_planet?page= entire

> And you're so stupid you let him bother you.
> He wins!

"Stupid is as 'Lookout' does." -- Forrest Gump's Mamma



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