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Ralph Fox 04-05-2010 11:50 AM

Re: 64bit Windows 7
On Mon, 5 Apr 2010 06:34:48 -0400, in message <>
"D.Duck" <> wrote:

> Is any one using 32bit Firefox on a Win 7 64 bit system successfully? I get
> erratic performance.

Yes. I have no problems with 32-bit Firefox on Win7 64-bit.

Currently running Firefox 3.6.3.

> I tried the 64 bit Firefox (Nomoroka) and it seems to work, but, I cannot
> use RoboForm with it. RoboForm does not attach itself correctly.
> RoboForm is very important to me and cannot do without it. FireFox is very
> important to me also and I hate the thought of going back to IE.
> Anyone having success with RoboForm and some version of FireFox on on a Win
> 7 64bit system? I really want to go 64bit to take advantage of the
> increased DRAM capability.

I don't use Roboform myself.


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