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chuckcar 03-23-2010 11:28 AM

Re: Acronis?
Jane Galt <> wrote in

> I'm JUST at the tail end of this transfer from old PC to new and want
> to do one last clone of the old HD JUST in case I missed something
> with transferring the data, before turning the old box off.
> But I downloaded Acronis True Image Home 2010 awile back on the old PC
> and, duh, forgot about the time, so it ran out a few days ago.
> I'm willing to buy it, it seems like a nice program, but gotta get
> this last backup made, and ( yes again ) am afraid that if I pay for
> it on the old PC and then shut that one down and install it on the new
> PC, I'll wind up with what I now call "the dreaded Symantec
> Experience", and it will phone home and not work on the new PC after
> that, money wasted. ( the reason I havent touched cursed Systemworks
> in many years! )
> I tried calling Acronis but they're apparently only into talking to
> companies in their sales department, not home users.
> I emailed them, they wont reply.
> Even tried their live chat today, and got a guy in india who referred
> me to a totally irrelevant FAQ question, big surprise. ( IMO
> outsourcing to people who barely speak english is a massive waste of
> money. )
> So has anyone tried this?
> DO I just register it for the old PC and take the chance that it wont
> phone home and will still work on the new one?

Did you try just going to a local computer store and buying it there?

(setq (chuck nil) car(chuck) )

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