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sandy58 03-05-2010 08:10 AM

Re: Should I build a doghouse for my stereo?
On Mar 5, 5:37*am, "Steve B" <> wrote:
> Gonna put a mp3 player on an old amp, and run it to big speakers in my shop.
> I live in sand dunes, and sand gets in EVERYTHING. *Should I make an
> enclosure? *Or would that heat up too much? *I have a 110v. Dayton fan that
> I could hook up, and put a filter on the intake and exhaust. *The amp will
> have no moving parts, save a few, and the mp3 should be sealed. *Do I need
> to do this, or just blast it with air occasionally?
> Steve

If your desert is anything like the Namib Desert you'll really battle
to beat it. We had rubber almost air-tight seals on doors and windows
and STILL have drifts of fine powdery sand seeping in. Tried light
grease on the seals which helped a little. Keeps us up to date of
whatever you decide on. Good luck, Steve

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