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Plaeto 02-28-2010 10:49 PM

Xion Sata hdd dock
Hello all,
Having a problem with this dock(toaster).It's external w/usb 2 connection
and reads sata 2.5 & 3.5 hdd. Hooked it up to 2 machines, one running xpsp2
and the other win7.XP machine saw it and loaded it as usb mass storage
device. I stuck in 120gb sata drive and nothing worked.Tried another 120gb
sata drive and same outcome.Now neither windows machine will see the
device(toaster) or hdds. I've tried different combinations on hooking it up
to wall outlets,usb1, differ usb2 ports, reboots, add hardware, check bios,
device manager, computer management, and nothing. When I pulled the toaster
from the usb2 port on Xp machine,instead of removing usb device in windows
which it doesn't show, I lost access to my external box hdd which a reboot
brought back. The power light on toaster is a full blue strip until I put in
hdd and then shows blue and red blinking on both hdds. I can send it back
but it's a pretty simple device and was hoping I'm missing something. Any
ideas would be helpfu. Thanx.

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