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Ian 02-19-2010 04:14 PM

Techware labs have a short review of the ableplanet-PS500MM headset, and they seem to be impressed with the bass response:


Ableplanet has sent TechwareLabs their PS500MM award winning True Fidelity Multimedia Stereo Headphones w/ Patented LINX AUDIO to review. The PS5500MM headset is an on-ear set which is new to this reviewer. In the past I have used in-ear, over-ear headphones which have produced phenomenal bass and true clarity of sound at all volumes. The on-ear style in my opinion couldn’t deliver enough bass since the headphone wasn’t sealed around the ear or ear canal. Well, the PS500MM change my opinion in no time at all.

The headphone market at present is swamped with all kinds of options and only a few are worth their listed price. After using the ableplanet PS500MM initially for an hour, this reviewer was sold! The sound quality from the ear phones was spectacular and the sound quality from the microphone was also very impressive.
Read the review here.

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