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fanhanes 02-09-2010 01:45 PM

ISP network topology
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Hello network experts,

I am new on this forum and i would like to ask if somebody have experience with ISP network architecture. I want to simulate real network situation as you can see in screenshot but I have some problems with routing or NAT configuration.

Now the network shown in screenchot works fine and I can do ping from workstation to external network Also i can ping from to, so basically network works fine but there is one problem with NAT or routing (probably).

I have assigned some specific external IP (NAT) for inside host This IP is from another range than between PIX(FW0) and ISP router(R0). So ISP assigned me network range for my servers to be reachable (NATed) outside internet (in this case R0).

On PIX(FW0) I created new static for example nat --> and now I want to make this IP available from another network (like from internet) for example from network But when I try to ping from result is timeout.

How should I configure R0 to be able to route NAT pool ( to another networks ??? This IP addresses are real and it is range what I got from ISP provider and I would like to know how it is configured on ISP side.Could someone help with it or tell me how does it works ?

My network is terminated by PIX and there is no other router on my side. I am connected to ISP side with normal ethernet cable (no serial cable or other type of connection, no frame relay) Which routing protocol should I use ?

I hope that description is clear.Thank you very much for help :-)


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