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Diego (Atos) 02-05-2010 02:53 PM

Roles Custom and Forms Authentication... doubts
I'm providing a solution that requires the customization of
MembershipProvider and RoleProvider as well a customization

Unfortunately I can not identify which class and where in
pipeline of the page framework verifies roles. Let me explain.

For testing purposes I create a simple application with a page
writes "OK". Access to this page is limited to users role "XYZ".
I created the RoleProvider and MembershipProvider, I have referenced
them in web.config. I also indicated that access is denied for
anonymous users and allowed to users in role XYZ.

Now my doubt: when occurred the role check? Which class is used?
The classes MembershipProvider and RoleProvider
are called (VerifyUser and GetRolesForUser), but nowhere although the
specific role XYZ is called, be considered
the condition works fine (if I indicate YYY role, rightly, the user is

At this point I wonder what class I should implement and how
i should use it to ensure role is checked againts a code i developed.

Thank you and good evening,

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