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Almoni 01-17-2010 05:13 AM

Using Boost Graph Library to create very large graph
I will very appreciate if you could help me with this one….

I am trying to create a graph with Boost using adjacency_list…..
The graph is representing real road network (junctions and streets) and have ~150000 vertices and ~300000 edges…
I have a txt file containing this network connections… It look like this:
1,2 (means 1 connected with 2)
2,3 (means 2 connected with 3)
2,4 etc…

so I read it line by line and in parallel add edge , with add_edge function…
while (not EOF)

The problem is that it takes more than two days (48 hours !) just to build this graph…
Obviously, it is not reasonable, especially if I want to make some minor change and re-run my application again…

Can you please suggest me, is it any other faster way to create such large graph ?
What am I doing wrong ?
Or may be – it just works this way…. ?

Thanks in advance,

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