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Gordon 01-14-2010 04:49 AM

Apple or gmail or what?
First off I consider Apple to be no more than a fruit which grows on the
trees in the area of my birthplace. My name is not Laraine. Lorraine is the
way it way spelt for the one I knew.

So some many moons ago Apple started sending messages to my gmail account.
Okay Thunderbird soon sorted it into the spam folder after I thought %^$#@)

So to-day I thought I would click on the unbscribe link. Got this.


Hi, Laraine.
The address at which you’ve chosen to receive product news and other
commercial messages from Apple is: <mine>

Unsubscribe from Apple marketing email
Send email to me at a different address


So is Apple or gmail failing? and if so at what?

To my mind e-mail seems broken in aircraft crash terms.

Why is there no a third option. Wrong person you are sending these to.

Thunderbird is doing such a good job, (treating the messages as spam)
and as is Apple in sending them to Thunderbirds spam folder that I shall
just let it be.

Strange that Laraine has missed the messages. Has she though?

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