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Jan C. Faerber 12-06-2009 11:27 AM

On Dec 6, 8:08*am, kumara swamy <> wrote:
> One of the most important aspects of a website today is the webcopy -
> sometimes called the sales letter.
> In days gone bye, banners and graphics were all important but now it's
> the words that do the selling.
> This short article will give you some pointers about writing good
> webcopy.

It is a good idea to give people advise how to write their
descriptions of their products.
html is for free, your advise or the page's advise is for free.
So lets slide a little to the money.
What is profit?
What is business?
What is a fair price?
What is the difference between 'thinking only about profit' and a
'honest income'?

You can put the same question in context with html if you want:
Why is this html editor (use any link to a free html editor) for free?
When is it possible to charge somebody money before he downloads the
What is you benefit if you provide free html editors?
What is a fair price for a good html editor?
What is a "good html editor"?

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