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squirltop 12-03-2009 05:09 AM

Re: Internet Explorer stuck on page

don wrote:
> after a party my interent explorer is stuck on a porn site for its homepage
> and even after going to Advance tab and pressing Reset it is still
> stuck........... Can I use the winxp disk recovery mode to reinstall
> internet explorer and fix what I beleive to be malicious tampering on this
> pc due to people looking at porn during the party

Adaware should fix it, i think. AVG anti-virus should work as well.

Porn sites tend to be infested with junk.

Surely you can make an admin accnt, for installin crap, a you accnt
for doin your stuff, and a ''severely limited accnt'' for your semi-
ratarded friends.

something like control panel, users and passwords

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