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Boppy 11-30-2009 08:09 PM

T stick won't dial
Hi guys, I'm having difficulty usiing my Telecom wireless broadband
modem - this is the T stick that plugs into the USB port to give you
wireless broadband through the mobile network.It's just under a year

What was happening was that plugging the device in, Windows (vista)
only saw it as a removable drive. So with the advice of Telecom's help
desk I installed the latest Sierra software and it still didn't

So, uninstall and reinstall ... Under Progs/features, no Sierra
software shows up. Have set a system restore point.

I went into the registry to manually remove the two obvious Sierra
entries under Software but shied away from others that I wasn't sure
about even though they mentioned Sierra.

Now when I plug it in, the Sierra software installs, I get the "device
installed correcly" message and then Watcher opens up and initialises.
THen after about 3 minutes of "initialise" it says "no device
detected" and the autoplay prompt opens up asking if I want to
download pictures, open device to view files, etc.

DJuice told me to go to a techician - I've taken my laptop and the
device to a technician who threw up his hands in horror and said I
would have to reinstall windows.

Other T sticks don't work either. I only have the one laptop so
haven't tried this one in other computers.

I'm paying something like $50 per month and can't even use the device.

I'd be really grateful if someone could steer me in the right
direction to get this going.

Thanks in advance,

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