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Fleckz328 11-23-2009 12:41 AM

The Cisco Learning Network - Details Inside.
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The Cisco Learning Network
The Cisco Learning Network was developed by the Learning@Cisco
organization. This group within Cisco develops and delivers the award-
winning Cisco Career Certification Program. In addition Learning@Cisco
also makes available comprehensive technical training courseware,
resources, and tools for its customers, channel partners, and
employees worldwide. Learning@Cisco is committed to accelerating
productivity, opportunity, and growth. The Cisco Learning Network is
an integral part of that vision.

The Cisco Learning Network is a collaborative, online community
designed to provide members with Cisco Career Certification exam
preparation training and other relevant resources and tools as well as
offer an interactive hub in which to share expertise and engage with
other new and established IT professionals, and directly with Cisco.

This new Cisco-oriented Social Learning environment is dedicated to
creating a more personal, social and visual experience for the Cisco
Career Certification community. We strive to continue helping our
community transform the way we engage with one another and enrich our
career and life experiences.

Registering for membership on the Cisco Learning Network provides you
with immediate access to exclusive content and empowers you to
participate directly in discussion forums, rate and comment on current
content, as well as upload materials of your own to share with the

Cisco Learning Network community members can create online profiles
that present their credentials and interests, engage in discussions
with industry peers, and gain access to exclusive technical content
and career-building tools. The site features a variety of discussion
forums, learning modules, expert blogs, videos on demand, podcasts,
games, and other interactive social learning resources, all designed
to support your IT career through Cisco certifications and beyond!

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