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Luca Fabbri 11-08-2009 03:57 PM

Need help for my system python
Hi all.

I've recently updated my system to the last Kubuntu 9.10.

On my system I use:
python2.6 (default system python)
python 2.4 (needed for the Zope application server)

Also I have 2 easy_install script for installing my eggs.

The default one for python2.6 works normally, but I've some problems
with using eggs for python 2.4

The easy_install procedure works (eggs are installed and I see no
errors) but after that if I run the interpreter, it seems that no new
libraries are installed.

I know that this is very general question, but I'm wondering if some
one had the same problem.
Where I can look at for solving this?

-- luca

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