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Jack [MVP-Networking] 10-23-2009 09:24 PM

Re: XP "Choose a wireless network" silently rejects connection

Disable temp. the Wireless security (WPA), and try to make a connection
while you are close to the Wireless Router.
If it works, establish again the security using a new key.
If it does not, then try to follow this process,
Jack (MS, MVP-Networking).

"Paul E Collins" <> wrote in message
> Hi.
> I have a wireless router (BT Home Hub) that works fine with my primary
> computer, and worked fine with a previous Vaio laptop, but won't seem to
> accept connections from a new Vaio laptop.
> The router shows up in the "Choose a wireless network" / View Available
> Wireless Networks dialogue, but when I select it and enter the WPA key, I
> just get "Waiting for the network" for about 20 or 30 seconds, then it
> silently closes that progress window without telling me what the error
> was.
> What does this mean? Bad password, network out of range, or what? It seems
> stupid that it doesn't explain why the connection failed.
> Eq.

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